Who Owns BMW?

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With headquarters in Munich, Germany, BMW is owned by its parent company, BMW Group. This company also owns additional luxury brands such as Rolls-Royce and Mini. Richard Catena Auto is proud to be part of this iconic family of automotive excellence, which is why we go above and beyond to provide our Newark customers with the absolute best.

What is the BMW Group?

Owned by shareholders, the BMW Group is an incorporated entity. In Germany, it is referred to as BMW AG, or Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengeselleschaft, which is its German name. This translates to “Bavarian Motor Works”, with the “AG” indicating its shareholder status.

Who Owns BMW Shares?

BMW is owned by three major shareholders, two of which are part of the Quandt family, who are long-time contributors. One half of the company is owned by the public:

  • 29%=Stefan Quandt: A German industrialist and engineer
  • 21%=Susanne Klatten: Successful investor and sister to Stefan Quandt
  • 50%=Public Float: This represents the shares that are owned by public investors.

Where is BMW Made?

BMW manufacturing plants are primarily in Germany, with the largest manufacturing facility in Dingolfing. The production facilities are available for tours and visits, and make for a fun outing for BMW enthusiasts.

  • Germany: Berlin, Dingolfing, Landshut, Leipzig, Munich, Regensburg, Wackersdorf
  • Austria: Steyr
  • Great Britain: Oxford
  • China: Shenyang

But there are also additional BMW production plants. These locations are part of the BMW Group Production Network, and produce both new BMW models and BMW OEM parts:

  • Austria: Graz
  • Brazil: Manaus
  • Egypt: Cairo
  • Germany: Eisenach
  • Great Britain: Goodwood and Swindon
  • Indonesia: Jakarta
  • India, Chennia
  • Italy: Cassinetta
  • Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
  • Mexico: San Luis Potosi
  • Russia: Kaliningrad
  • South Africa: Rosslyn
  • Thailand: Rayong
  • United States: Spartanburg, SC

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