Lexus Enform Review

September 10th, 2018 by

2014 Lexus Enform Touchscreen

Reviews of Lexus models tout the automaker’s emphasis on technology and convenience, and one system that embodies both is Lexus Enform. Newark drivers can read more and learn the ins and outs of this unique Lexus technology and all the opportunities it opens up for each drive.

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Safety Connect

This Lexus Enform feature is offered complimentary for up to 10 years and provides 24/7 emergency assistance. When you’re involved in an accident, your vehicle is stolen, or some other unfortunate event occurs, the feature can send assistance straight to your vehicle’s GPS location and automatically notifies emergency services in a collision.

Service Connect

Also free for up to 10 years, this Lexus Enform feature keeps you up-to-date on your vehicle’s health. It relays information such as gas level, mileage, maintenance alerts, and more via a mobile app.

Lexus Enform Remote Mobile App

Stay connected with your vehicle via your smartphone, smartwatch or Amazon Alexa devices with Lexus Enform Remote. You can lock and unlock doors and start the car, all without being inside your vehicle.

Destination Assist

This Lexus Enform program provides you with 24-hour access to a live response center agent, who can help you to pinpoint specific businesses, addresses, points of interest, and more. The agent can then send the destination to your vehicle’s navigation system.

Lexus App Suite & Wi-Fi

The Lexus Enform App Suite offers access to your favorite smartphone apps directly through your vehicle’s center display screen. You can even use your apps with voice commands. Lexus Enform also allows passengers to stay connected while on the go. Up to five devices can connect to the available onboard Wi-Fi.

Dynamic Navigation

A newer Lexus Enform feature is Dynamic Navigation, which boasts:

  • Dynamic Map, which allows for great accuracy and consistent updates
  • Dynamic Route, which gives alternate routes based on traffic and road conditions
  • Dynamic POI Search, which automatically sorts points of interest based on relevance

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